Medics bring new hairdo, new energy to coronavirus fight in Hubei.

China’s top medical professionals began traveling to their designated cities this weekend, but first loaded up on adult diapers and got a new haircut. 

To reduce time spent putting on protective equipment and to lower the risk of exposure to the virus, five male doctors from intensive care units in Xiangya Hospital of Central South University shaved their heads completely bald.

As there is limited time for nurses to take a shower or wash their hair, many of them chose to cut their hair short.

“The hair will grow back. I must be responsible for the safety of my patients and myself,” said nurse Guo Jiameng. She said she’ll return to Wuhan to see the cherry blossoms with her long hair after the epidemic.

Meanwhile, adult diapers are seen packed into medics’ luggage at Huashan Hospital in Shanghai, February 9, 2020. 

For 16 consecutive days, a Wuhan middle school teacher delivered medicine to 300 patients for free!

For more than half a month, he rode an electric vehicle in the three towns of Wuhan and ran at least 30 kilometers a day, delivering medicines such as oseltamivir and Lianhua Qingwen to those in need.

His name is Wu You, 26 years old, from Wuhan, a middle school teacher.

Wu said: My original intention was actually very simple, that is, to help others. But then I started trying to save people. I just hope that the patients who get the medicine from me can work harder and wait a little longer until they are diagnosed, treated, and recovered.

Today, he and his partners have given medicine to 300 families. He said that what he really wanted to give was hope for people to persevere in pain!

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