What are the mistakes in treating tinnitus?

1It is considered a minor illness and no treatment: because of the lack of understanding of the cause of tinnitus, many patients have such an idea, which is a serious mistake. Deafness and tinnitus caused by lesions in the ear itself are only a minority, and more are deafness and tinnitus caused by lesions in other parts of the body.80%about. Tinnitus and deafness are manifested in the ear, but are actually a warning of lesions in other parts of the body.


2Many patients have the idea that the treatment of tinnitus is not good and can not be cured. Although tinnitus is a more difficult disease to cure, if you do early detection, early prevention, early treatment, tinnitus can still be cured.

3Credulous remedies: Some patients do not go to a regular hospital for treatment after hearing that they have tinnitus. Instead, they listen to doctors who are bragging, packing tickets, spending big money to buy, and even asking for gods to worship Buddha and other feudal superstitious activities.

4Tinnitus is inflammation in the ear: Some patients have tinnitus, thinking that it is inflammation in the ear, go to the clinic to open penicillin, streptomycin, etc., but no effect.

Finally, experts also reminded that tinnitus and deafness is a common disease, but because of its great harm, early treatment of tinnitus is still very necessary. After reading the above misunderstandings in the treatment of tinnitus, I believe that you also recognize its harm, will not care more!

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