What are the minor problems that can cause hearing loss in the elderly?

Many elderly friends think that they are listening well now, they don’t have problems with ear problems, and they only pay attention to cardiovascular diseases. but do you know? Health problems are actually related to each other, and having certain health problems will greatly increase your hearing loss probability!

1 Parkinson’s Disease

The study found that the risk of hearing loss in elderly patients with Parkinson’s disease is almost twice that of ordinary people! Insufficient dopamine causes Parkinson’s disease and can also cause hearing loss.


The risk of sudden hearing loss in patients with osteoporosis is normal.1.76Times. Friends with osteoporosis should be careful about the occurrence of sudden hearing loss. In the event of sudden hearing loss, you must go to a regular hospital.

3Rheumatoid arthritis

Compared with healthy people, patients with rheumatoid arthritis are more likely to suffer from hearing loss during the onset of the disease, and more often have sensorineural hearing loss, and the risk of hearing loss at all frequencies is higher. Hearing loss patients with rheumatoid arthritis can use different types of hearing aids as well as implant hearing aids. In addition, antioxidants (such as vitaminsE) can also protect the inner ear.

Four common geriatric diseases can cause hearing loss

Diabetes in diabetic patients, 85-90%Diabetes patients are all diabetic. Studies have shown that people with diabetes have a higher risk of hearing loss and mostly moderate hearing loss.

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