What are the factors that cause congenital hearing impairment?

Doesn’t passing the initial screening mean that the child’s hearing must be problematic? “The baby did not pass the hearing screening, parents are inevitably worried, if the rescreening has not passed, it is even more worried, for fear of hearing problems with children.


First of all, it is a genetic factor. Hereditary deafness accounts for all deaf patients50%Above, and most of them are sensory neuropathic fistulas that are difficult to treat. Dr. Wang suggested that the fetus of a family with a family of deafness should be prenatally diagnosed with deafness genes in order to take timely interventions.

Second, infection during pregnancy. Infection with rubella, measles, toxoplasma, etc. during pregnancy may damage your baby’s hearing and can be avoided by vaccination before pregnancy. It should be noted that once infected during pregnancy, ototoxic drugs should be banned during treatment.

Third, the sudden factors in the perinatal period. Perinatal hypoxia, premature delivery, jaundice, etc. can easily cause sensorineural deafness Newborns should be closely observed after birth and found to be dealt with in a timely manner.

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