What are the common points between hearing aids and telephones?

Now if the hearing loss patient needs to call, the new hearing aid can play a big role! For some people, choose a deep-ear hearing aid or an open-ended back-to-back machine that can be used directly without special equipment or connectors. Other types of hearing aids can directly receive the telephone signal without the use of a hearing aid microphone, as long as they have an inductive coil or an automatic inductive coil, so that the wearer does not suffer from acoustic feedback or howling when answering the call. When using an inductive coil, or an automatic inductive coil, you need to use a phone that can be compatible with the hearing aid, or in special cases, add a small magnet attachment to the handset.


Some phones may cause radio frequency interference, resulting in static electricity, humming or humming. However, some countries’ laws already require mobile phone manufacturers to produce several types of mobile phones that are compatible with hearing aids. Therefore, when purchasing a new mobile phone, the patient must let the salesperson introduce the hearing aid compatible mobile phone. In addition, the US Food and Drug Administration(FDA)Before you buy, try a variety of mobile phone brands and mobile phone types to determine the best hearing aid for your phone.

Some high-end hearing aids use some new technology, the wearer can connect the hearing aid to the mobile phone via Bluetooth wirelessly through a very small accessory. The wearer can not only use the mobile phone hands-free calling, but also send the mobile phone signal to the hearing aid at the same time, so that the wearer The best results are achieved when answering calls with your ear.

At present, various solutions designed for using telephones are available for hearing loss patients. From another point of view, if someone has difficulty answering the phone, there may be other problems with hearing. The use of the telephone alone may not satisfy the patient’s hearing rehabilitation needs. . Therefore, it is necessary to consult a hearing specialist or doctor to determine which solution is most suitable.

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