Sometimes people will appear the symptoms of deafness when they don’t know what conditions induce them. For the possible impact of deafness on us, you can get a little analysis. In order to make people have a detailed understanding of deafness, let’s introduce the classification of deafness.

The classification of deafness mainly includes:

1. Congenital – family heredity, marriage of close relatives of parents, pregnancy infection, developmental deformity and syndrome, accidents during childbirth, such as birth injury, asphyxia, etc.

2. Acquired – drug poisoning (GM, km, SM, NM), deafness after burning disease, senile deafness, occupational (noise) deafness, chemical poisoning (CO, silicon dust, benzene poisoning) deafness, etc.

3. Mixed deafness: damage to the outer, middle and inner ears.

4. Central hearing loss – rare, brain Hearing Center lesion, often combined with other disorders.

5. Pre lingual deafness – deafness at the age of 7 or 8 years, if not intervened in early stage, most of them become deaf (mute).

6. Deafness after learning a language – deafness after 8 or 9 years old. Most of them can retain their language, and a few become deaf (mute). This is very important for deaf education and rehabilitation classification of deaf children.

Deafness needs to be treated in time. The best treatment time for deafness is within one week. Patients who find that they have deafness should keep their mood stable and avoid the use of ototoxic drugs. It is better to go to the hospital as soon as possible to recover their hearing. The earlier the treatment of deafness, the better the effect.

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