Deafness affects the normal work and life of patients, but also affects the physical and mental health of patients. What are the causes of deafness?

1. Diabetic microangiopathy: this kind of disease can affect cochlear blood vessels, narrow their lumen and lead to blood supply disorder.

2. Primary and secondary neuropathy: it may involve spiral ganglion cells, spiral nerve fibers, the eighth brain nerve, auditory neurons at all levels in brain stem and auditory center of brain and cause degeneration.

3. Hypothyroidism: deafness is very common in patients with endemic cretinism, which is caused by the deficiency of thyroid hormone during the development of fetal ear structure caused by serious iodine deficiency.

4. Hypertension and arteriosclerosis: it is the most common general disease of deafness. The mechanism of deafness may be related to the disorder of blood supply to the inner ear, the increase of blood viscosity and the disorder of lipid metabolism in the ear.

5. Hereditary nephritis, various kinds of nephropathy, dialysis and kidney transplantation patients often have hearing impairment: the mechanism is not very clear, which may be related to the imbalance of inner ear liquid osmotic balance caused by hyponatremia, the rise of blood uremia and creatinine, hypotension and microcirculation disorder, immune response and other factors in vivo and in vitro.

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