PointWhat are the advantages of bone anchored hearing aids?

  1. Because the bone conduction hearing aid is directly transmitted to the inner ear, it does not block the outer ear, does not cause the ear plug effect, avoids the patient’s discomfort, and the overall sound quality is less distorted than the air conduction hearing aid. At the same time, the secondary damage of the tympanic membrane and the ossicular chain caused by the high gain of the air conduction hearing aid is avoided, which has a certain protective effect on hearing.

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2.Most elderly people with age, the outer ear, middle ear will be accompanied by narrowing of the ear canal, long ear hair, tympanic membrane turbidity, invagination or atrophy, embolism and other symptoms, which directly or indirectly affect the transmission of air conduction hearing aids effect. The bone conduction hearing aid avoids this, and the sound is directly transmitted to the inner ear, and the loss of energy is also reduced, and the degree of sound reduction is high.

3.The hair band appearance allows children to enjoy a normal and active life.

PointBone anchor hearing aid

PointAppropriate population of bone anchored hearing aids: chronic otitis media, congenital ear canal atresia, ossicular bone disease, cholesteatoma, otosclerosis, senile deafness, noise damage, hereditary deafness, etc.

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