Invisible hearing aidWhat are the advantages?[Recessive hearing aid picture]

Along with the ultra-micro-scale integration of semiconductor ultra-large-scale integrated circuit chips and the rapid development of computer technology, hearing aids have broken through the limitation of volume, only the size of the soybeans in the ear.Invisible hearing aidHas become the protagonist of the world hearing aid market.

The custom-made hearing aids in the ear are mainly embodied in two aspects: one is the shell customization, which is customized according to the shape of the ear and the ear canal of each hearing patient, and the sound receiving direction is consistent with the real ear, and the hearing feeling is close to the human ear. The second is the line customization. Its basic line is determined by the fitter according to the patient’s hearing loss level, type and compensation requirements.


The invisible ear custom machine has the following features:

1Adapted to a wider range to adapt to the loss35decibel–85Decibel customers use.

2The volume is automatically controlled, and it is generally not necessary to adjust the volume after wearing.

3Microphone increase9Decibel gain.

4Small in size, extremely concealed, comfortable to wear.

5You can completely avoid the whistling sound when you make a phone call and listen to a stereo headset. Therefore, there is no need to additionally install a telephone circuit.

6Suppress tinnitus to a certain extent, about70%The customer found that the tinnitus disappeared after wearing.

7The noise can be reduced, and the microphone is hidden in the depth of the ear canal, so it is less affected by the wind.

8To reduce the blockage, the hearing aid is worn deep in the ear canal, which greatly reduces the resonance effect of the cartilage, thereby reducing the blockage to the lowest point.

9Accurate directionality: The position of the custom microphone is the same as that of the real ear, with a clear sense of direction.

10Stability: Custom machines embedded in the ear will not fall off even during intense exercise.

11Perfect personality needs: Customized line customization meets the needs of hearing compensation and improves speech intelligibility.

12In-ear custom machine is divided into appearance: ear-cavityEar canalDeep ear canal, different appearances for patients with different levels of hearing loss and requirements, the perfect combination of effect and appearance.

Invisible hearing aidWhich people are suitable for?

1For teenagers who have developed their ear canal in their teens;

2For young people with high aesthetic and sound quality requirements;

3For young or middle-aged business people;

4The size of the ear canal is suitable for invisible hearing aids;

5No middle ear disease.

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