Noise poses physical and psychological harm.

Some monitoring shows that the 1 decibels increase in the residential area for a long time, the incidence of hypertension increases by 3%, and it is easy to cause symptoms such as irritability, irritability and fatigue.

According to the World Health Organization volume analogy:

20 decibel whispering

50 decibel normal conversation sound

70 decibel street environment sound

75 decibel human ear comfort ceiling

80 decibel noisy office, sound on the highway

85 decibels and below do not destroy hair cells in the cochlea

90 decibel noisy bar ambient sound, electric saw saw wood sound

100 decibel pressure drill sound, compressed hammer beaten sound

105 decibel permanently damages hearing

110 decibel propeller aircraft take-off sound, rock concert sound

Temporary deafness occurs when 120 decibels exceed one minute

125 decibel jet take off sound

130 decibel rocket launch sound

140 decibel EU defines the highest critical point of total hearing loss

190 decibel leads to death


Link:[up knowledge] noise volume analogy and harm

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