Hearing aids have come a long way since the first behind-the-ear models were developed in the 1960s and 1970s. In fact, you might remember what some of these devices looked like: big, bulky, beige, and very noticeable. They would sit uncomfortably behind the ear and amplify all the sounds around you. Now, In a world of smartphones and portable electronic devices, many of today’s digital hearing aids are equipped with Bluetooth technology.


JingHao G.Sound Buds, also as a cleverly designed set of in-ear wireless buds that aim to boost your hearing, when other similar hearing aids can be 3-4 times more expensive than this one.


We’ve all seen AirPods and other small wireless earbuds hanging from people’s ears. Similarly, The advantages to the IQ Buds are their clever set-up and use of on-ear touch commands, combined with deeper technical controls using a smartphone app. At a simple level, this varies from being able to change mode by tapping the outside of the right earpiece, to varying the levels between each earpiece or by cell phone.


There’s also a nice degree of modernity in how the design has borrowed from the AirPods’ use of a pillbox-style recharging vessel for the buds. Like AirPods, you stick the buds in when the battery is running low and it will recharge them in about 4 hours. The box itself is then chargeable by a MicroUSB cable.You’ll be suprised with how the G.Sound Buds when comparing its sound with other headphone system like AirPods or any other wireless in-ear product, with its quite, clear and loud.


All in all, if you need a great machine for speech as well as music, the IQ Buds may be worth a punt.

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