The Internet has been abuzz about meghan and prince harry’s decision to quit the royal family, but the most notable discovery was that the queen was photographed wearing a hearing aid for the first time



Wearing a camel coat and matching hat, the 93-year-old monarch arrived at the church in sandringham by car on January 12, London’s evening standard reported

This hearing aid is a standard deep ear canal hearing aid (CIC).Such hearing AIDS are located deep in the ear canal and are small, deeper and more hidden than traditional CIC.

The world’s smallest hearing aid, concealment, maximum protection of personal privacy.Like Jinghao shearing aid as below shown.

Such hearing AIDS do not work well for people with severe or very severe hearing loss. Hearing AIDS work only when there is residual hearing.At the age of 93, the queen still has a good ear for hearing, even though she is still hard core and elegant.

Queen Elizabeth ii, 93, was photographed wearing a hearing aid for the first time, according to news reports.

Several social media posts praised the queen for taking positive steps to improve her hearing

The surprise was that the queen and prince Philip attended the opening of Francis crick medical research centre in London, UK, on November 9, 2016.

Prince Philip was also photographed wearing a hearing aid when he was 93.

Why are hearing AIDS so popular with the queen and prince?In addition to helping you hear sounds, it has many hidden benefits.


If you have a hearing loss, my advice would be to use a hearing aid or other hearing AIDS to deal with your hearing loss, because hearing AIDS or other hearing AIDS have many benefits besides improving your hearing.” said Kim Ruberg, who is the secretary general of AISBL

Hearing AIDS have more benefits than we think,If hearing loss is found, immediate intervention should be taken, and hearing should be checked at a professional testing center or hospital. Exclusive hearing compensation scheme should be selected according to the actual situation of hearing, so as to improve the speech resolution by more than 80%

Helps protect the brain

A study by the university of Exeter and king’s college London found that people who wear hearing AIDS to deal with age-related hearing problems (age-related hearing loss) maintain better long-term brain function than those who don’t.

The study builds on important research in recent years, such as one prepared by the lancet commission on prevention, intervention and care, which found that hearing loss has become an important risk factor for dementia.

The study, by the university of Exeter and king’s college, suggests that wearing a hearing aid can reduce this risk.

Professor Clive Ballard, of the university of Exeter school of medicine, said: “this is an early discovery that needs further study, but it has exciting potential.

The message here is, if it is recommended that you need a hearing aid, find the right one for you.At least it will improve your hearing and keep your brain sharp.”

Reduce risk and delay diagnosis

The use of hearing AIDS reduces the risk of “deafness” in the hearing-impaired elderly and delays the diagnosis of a range of age-related diseases.

A us study has found that the use of hearing AIDS can both reduce the risk of dementia, alzheimer’s disease, depression, anxiety and traumatic falls in elderly people with hearing loss, and delay diagnosis.

At the same time, the use of hearing AIDS can improve overall health and reduce health care costs, because the use of hearing AIDS can greatly reduce the disease associated with hearing loss.

Meet the needs of your social life

In terms of social life, hearing aid patients have better communication and social activities to participate in the ability to improve the participation in social life.

If there is no intervention of hearing loss, no treatment, the communication barrier caused by the imperceptible speech of others will greatly reduce the enthusiasm of the elderly to participate in social activities. In serious cases, psychological trauma, depression tendency and alzheimer’s disease (commonly known as alzheimer’s disease) can also be induced.


Hearing AIDS and other hearing solutions, combined with professional rehabilitation, can be effective in enabling people with poor hearing to hear better.

Sanmao wrote, “I have no time to seriously young, to understand, can only choose to seriously old.”No one can always be young, but like the queen of England, you can choose to be elegant and beautiful all your life.


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