There is no hearing at high frequency, and the effect of hearing aids is not obvious.

The problem of high frequency loss is not very large, you can choose a hearing aid with frequency shifting function. However, the effect of the hearing aid is not obvious. It may be that the hearing loss is long, which affects the cognitive ability of the brain. Intervention should be done as soon as possible to stimulate the auditory nerve and increase its sensitivity.

Performance and Solution of High-Frequency Hearing Loss In general, hearing-impaired people with high-frequency hearing loss are concentrated in the following aspects: First, the consonant is missing: this is related to the acoustic physical properties of the initials in the Chinese language. The vowels are mainly distributed in the low frequency region and generally do not exceed3600hertz The consonant is mainly distributed in the high frequency region and is generally not lower than2000hertz , Turbid consonants are mainly distributed in250Hertz to4000Between Hertz , Second, the ability to listen to language signals has declined Since the sound source of the consonant is the lung airflow, the energy is less (about the language energy).5%, the contribution to speech intelligibility is95%); while the vowel sound source is vocal cords, more energy (about the language energy95%, the contribution to the clarity of the language is5%). It can be seen that consonants play an extremely important role in listening to the language and clearing the words. If you don’t hear the consonants, you will lose or even lose your ability to listen to the language. Third, the language training effect is not good Chinese pronunciation has the following characteristics: ◎ Chinese syllables can be analyzed into three parts: initial, final, and tonal. ◎ The front is the initial, the rest is the final, and the tone is the pitch of the entire syllable.The initials are consonants, where most of the center frequencies of the clear consonants are located.4kHzAbove ◎ The front consonant is crucial for the distinction between words and words (eg:chang,zhang,chang) ◎ In most syllables, consonants must be connected to the back vowels to form a syllable. Most of the deaf children’s high frequency hearing loss is more serious, generally more than70Decibels, when listening to the traditional digital hearing aids, the low frequency can listen very well, but the high frequency listening is rarely or even not heard. Due to the characteristics of the Chinese language, consonants play an extremely important role in hearing the language and clearing the words. If you can’t hear the consonants, it not only delays the child’s best language training period, but also makes the language training teacher’s hard sweat. To the east.

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