Hearing aidHow it works[Graphic display]Let you understand the principle of hearing aids

Hearing aidIt is an electro-acoustic amplifier that expands the faint sound to the intensity needed to fit the human ear. Hearing aids are mainly composed of acoustic devices such as microphones, amplifiers, receivers, batteries, various volume and tone control knobs.

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1.Microphones, often referred to as microphones, function to convert sound waves into electrical signals, which can be classified into electromagnetic moving coil type, piezoelectric ceramic type, and electret type according to the working principle.

2.The inductive coil of the hearing aid appears to be a thin copper-wound coil that fits in most of the ear and a few in-ear hearing aids with the symbolTSaid. When the input selector switch is placedTIn the case of the gear, the coil replaces the pickup effect of the microphone, picks up the language signal modulated at a specific radio frequency and amplifies it.

3.After the amplifier and the hearing aid receive the sound, a series of processes such as amplification and filtering are performed by the amplification movement. Controls such as volume adjustment, peak clipping, function control and signal compression are also performed in the enlarged movement.

4.The receiver converts the amplified electrical signal into sound waves. The size of the receiver determines the sensitivity and maximum output, so the ear type andCICThe receiver used in hearing aids will reject the best results due to volume limitations.

5.Battery isHearing aidThe source of power for normal work. A good hearing aid battery should exhibit high capacity, low internal resistance and long shelf life. High capacity can be used for a longer period of time; small internal resistance can provide greater transient currents to reduce distortion; long retention period eliminates the need for users to frequently purchase newly-produced batteries, and can reduce the short-term shelf life The loss of capacity is reduced.

6Hearing aidThe function adjustment knob and the analog circuit hearing aid often have certain adjustment knobs. The audiologist can make personalized settings for different situations of the patient, and the user should not change it at will.

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