Hearing aidWill you wear more and more?I can tell you responsibly

Many people now think,Since the passage of time,We wear glasses more and more,And the vision is getting worse,Therefore, it is inferred that the hearing will be worse after wearing the hearing aid. Everyone can think about it.,We don’t wear glasses if we need it.,Then the vision will increase, remain the same or will continue to decline?

Because of presbyopia, not wearing glasses,Then with age,Will feelold flowerWill be getting heavier,So this is the inevitable result of rejuvenation of vision function; there are also college students with myopia instead of glasses.,Therefore, the degree of myopia will also increase,And add more. This is because they need more vision than ordinary people. If you need it without the help of glasses,Can only lead to excessive fatigue of vision,And the process of accelerating the irregular light.


The final hearing is the same. If you need it without a hearing aid,Then only increase the difficulty of hearing,And accelerate the process of hearing degradation. And vice versa,We wear the appropriate hearing aid itself,It does not cause hearing to get worse. There is only one exception: the deaf patients wear hearing aids that are not suitable for their use. we say300Degree of myopia wear800Degree of myopia is obviously harmful and unhelpful, thenHearing aidThe same is true for hearing aids.,And it is a more complicated and detailed fitting than glasses. Finally, exactly,We wear an appropriate quality-qualified hearing aid that is accurately fitted so that it does not increase the degree of deafness.,Will help to slow down the process of deafness.

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