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There are two kinds of hearing aids, such as analog machines and digital machines. The sound amplification effect of the simulator is not ideal, the language is not clear enough, and the price is relatively low. The digital machine is the integrated circuit and digital chip processing technology, and the high technical price is also generally higher. All are more than a thousand.

1From the channel of the hearing aid. The higher the price of the hearing aid, the more channels there are. The more channels the more debugging, the finer the hearing. The best hearing aids can be debugged according to different syllables. It is very important for children. In the noise reduction effect, the more channels are lowered. The better the noise, the better the clarity and comfort of the language.

2From the function of the hearing aid. The higher the price, the more fully automated the hearing aids, such as Peak Power’s top products.20Channels,4Automatic conversion program, No need to manually adjust, the microphone collects the sound type for analysis, it will be in the quiet, noise language mixed environment, pure noise environment, music environment for automatic switching and close to the real-ear function, the ability to cope with complex environment is stronger, the peak version of the peak hearing aid Have16Channel3An automatic conversion program has one less music environment than the top level, which is a bit worse for those who love music. The Phonak Normal Edition hearing aid has6Channels,2The automatic conversion program has a less pure noise environment than the advanced version, and people who often come into the construction site and other environments are worse. The standard version of the hearing aid has4Channels, no automatic environment conversion function, no wireless function, only manual programs can be set.

3In terms of the multifunctionality of hearing aids, high-priced hearing aids have wireless functions, but in real life, hearing aids should consider their own life, working environment, hearing loss, nature, appearance and performance requirements, personal wear. Habits and economic ability, choose a hearing aid that is suitable for your own function.

Then is it? Hearing aid priceThe more expensive the price, the better the effect? Admittedly, the more expensive the hearing aid, the better the performance, but there will be such a problem, the function is wasted. The choice of hearing aids depends on the individual’s hearing, working environment requirements, and lifestyle. Children’s hearing aids need to be supplemented with audiological examinations to evaluate the hearing aids; adults must also do adequate assessments, including Hearing threshold tests, speech intelligibility, speech resolution, etc. after hearing aids, through which these choices are combined with individual needs to choose which price of hearing aid to wear.

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