Wearing a hearing aid is something that can only be done after suffering from hearing loss, just like wearing glasses when you are nearsighted.

But we have to say that the popularity of hearing aids is far less than that of glasses. We can see that there are many people wearing glasses on the street, but few people wearing hearing aids. In fact, this doesn’t mean that everyone’s hearing is very good and no problem, but many patients who have suffered hearing loss clearly don’t think they need to wear hearing aids or don’t want to wear them Wearing hearing aids is a fundamental rejection of hearing aids.

In fact, the longer your hearing loss time is, the worse the effect of wearing a hearing aid. This is because your hearing loss time is too long, the stimulation to the auditory nerve is gradually reduced, the hearing loss is more and more obvious, and the degree of hearing loss is also increased, so the effect of wearing a hearing aid becomes worse.

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Link:The longer the hearing loss time is, the worse the effect of wearing hearing aids is

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