In the United States, a group of scholars did a research. They found 56 college students, with an average age of 21, and asked them to accept the survey and ask how their hearing was. All of the 56 college students, without exception, thought that their hearing was normal, but in the subsequent hearing examination, they cracked one After the examination, 25% of the students had different degrees of hearing loss on one or more frequencies. 7% of the loss is between the speech frequency, which will affect the normal communication.

So what is the cause of the hearing loss of these 20 somethings?

Finally, the biggest reason that affects our hearing is noise.

Noise is the main cause of hearing loss. With the development of science and technology in recent years, almost one mobile computer tablet is used, and with the increase of bars, KTV and other high-noise entertainment places in the society, it is inevitable that after a period of boring study or work, a young man with the most energy will pull up several small ones Partners go to these places to release it.

But you don’t know that KTV noise in this environment can reach more than 90 decibels. Long term exposure to this environment will cause damage to its own auditory cells, lead to deafness and hearing loss, and lead to other diseases.

We generally call these entertainment noises, and some people suffer from noise deafness caused by work. We can call them occupational noises. Most of them are traffic police, aircraft pilots, workers of large-scale machining plants, etc. their work needs to be under high-intensity noise, which will definitely have an impact on the ear hearing after a long time Therefore, many staff will choose to work with noise reduction earplugs.

Most of the noise deafness is different from the sudden deafness with higher curability. The hearing loss caused by noise deafness is irreversible, and it will lead to lifelong deafness if it is serious. Therefore, we need to prevent it. In high noise environment, it is better to wear earplugs for activities. The time of listening to songs and wearing earphones on weekdays should not exceed 1 hour, and the volume should not exceed 60%. This Besides, we don’t need to dig our ears often.

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