Neuropathic deafness is the manifestation of auditory central lesions, which has a great impact on people’s lives and seriously endangers the physical and mental health of patients. Then what are the hazards of neuropathic deafness in the end? Here is a brief introduction to the four major hazards of neuropathic deafness.

Neuropathic deafness is a kind of disease that causes hearing loss or even hearing loss due to pathological changes in the auditory center of the inner ear, auditory nerve and brain, often accompanied by ear purr. Nerve deafness refers to “sensorineural deafness”, including the pathological changes of the cochlea, the auditory nerve, and even some pathological changes of the auditory center. It does not simply refer to the problem of the auditory nerve. There are slight differences in the manifestations of different types of neuropathic deafness. The main manifestations are progressive hearing loss to different degrees in one or both ears, accompanied by tinnitus and stuffy feeling in ears. About half of the patients have vertigo, nausea and vomiting symptoms.

1. Harm to mental health: it is necessary for others to repeat, so that they can understand what they are saying. In order to avoid the embarrassment of communicating with others, listeners may slowly isolate themselves, or even cause grumpy, withdrawn or depressed personalities. Deaf children often feel bad self-image because of their low scores, and are prone to grumpy, mental concentration and other behavioral and psychological problems.

2. Serious impact on interpersonal relationship: being unconscious often makes it difficult for patients to talk with their classmates or relatives or friends in school or social occasions, and they are not competent to talk on the phone, resulting in a sense of isolation. At the same time, it is easy to cause misunderstandings and affect interpersonal relations because people often cannot hear clearly.

3. Hindering business development: important business decisions are made in business meetings. If deaf people can’t effectively talk to others or hear the speaker’s speech clearly, they will miss or miss some important messages, thus affecting business decisions, missed opportunities and business development. It will also cause great trouble to the work.

4. Harm to health: People’s health is closely related to their hearing level. In a number of studies, the researchers measured the health level of the deaf elderly, and then matched them with hearing aids. Three months later, they did the same measurement, and found that their physical and mental health were significantly improved.

Health tips: the nasal cavity and the middle ear cavity are connected through the eustachian tube. When the chronic nasopharynx has long-term inflammatory mucous membrane diffusion and inflammatory secretion stimulation, it can cause inflammation of the eustachian tube, swelling of the eustachian tube mucous membrane and occlusion of the eustachian tube pharyngeal opening; when the inflammatory secretion and inflammation spread to the middle ear, it can cause otitis media. The exudation of inflammatory secretion or even purulent secretion in the middle ear cavity may damage the tympanic membrane, which may hinder the transmission of sound into the middle ear; at the same time, due to the rupture of the tympanic membrane and the damage of the ossicular chain, the sound wave cannot be increased through it, resulting in hearing loss. Therefore, some deafness is caused by chronic rhinitis. There is a close relationship between them. Therefore, when the sudden deafness occurs, don’t only pay attention to the ear diseases. Chronic rhinitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis and other diseases may also be the important causes of sudden deafness.

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