Digital hearing aid Differences from analog hearing aids[Advantages and disadvantages]

According to the processing, the line can be divided into digital line hearing aids and analog line hearing aids. What is the difference between these two hearing aids? The following explains in detail:

one,数字Hearing different from the amplified line of the analog hearing aid

The analog hearing aid adopts a linear amplifying circuit, and the digital hearing aid adopts a nonlinear amplifying circuit, which can automatically determine the sound condition of the external environment, and automatically control the level of the amplification according to the comfort of the user’s listening sound, thereby avoiding the user of the simulator being whispered, The phenomenon of being uncomfortable.

two, Digital hearing aid speech intelligibility in a noisy environment with simulated hearing aids

Most all-digital hearing aids can automatically recognize fixed-frequency noise in a noisy environment and effectively compress it, focusing on the speech frequency, thus effectively improving the user’s speech intelligibility.

Third, the design of the digital hearing aid and analog hearing aid compensation curve

The digital hearing aid can automatically design different compensation curves according to the different hearing loss conditions of the user and the degree of audible sensation, so as to satisfy the user’s hearing needs to the utmost.

4. Frequency division amplification and multi-program control of digital hearing aids and analog hearing aids

Digital hearing aids can use crossover technology. The application of multi-band processing technology ensures the accuracy and comfort of the patient’s hearing compensation.

Digital hearing aidDifferent listening programs can be set according to different usage environments of users. Such as quiet environment, noisy environment, music environment, inductive environment.

Fifth, the digital hearing aid failure rate is very low

Digital hearing aids use of micro-computer chip technology can fully control the user’s hearing compensation needs, minimize and reduce the user’s self-regulating fine-tuning switch, effectively avoiding the occurrence of hearing aid failure.

Simply put, just like the digital set-top box and analog set-top box of the home TV, the digital TV image is clearer, there are many programs to watch, and you can also pause and watch back and forth. Analog TVs can only watch limited, fixed TV programs.

Because it is clearer and more comfortable to listen to, it can make different adjustments according to each person’s different hearing conditions, making the wearing effect more satisfactory, and also protecting the residual hearing. Therefore, digital hearing aids have become the primary choice for hearing aids.

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