Most experts admit that wearing hearing aids on both ears provides the best results in binaural hearing loss. This is called a binaural hearing, which not only helps to locate the sound but also selectively listens to important sounds from a variety of sounds.

The benefits of wearing a hearing aid with both ears include:

Improve sound positioning
The direction and approximate distance of the sound can only be detected if the ears are matched.

Volume balance
Binaural wear helps you maintain binaural hearing balance and respond more accurately to sound (for example, when you are talking on either side).

A clearer understanding of the conversation
Whether it’s a noisy environment or a quiet environment, binaural wear keeps the sound balanced and enhances your understanding of the conversation.

Listening more comfortably and easily
The conversation will become more enjoyable because you don’t have to focus too much on listening to what the other person said.

Keep your ears sensitive
Hearing aids are needed for both ears, but when you wear a hearing aid on one side, there is hearing deprivation on the other side, and the possibility of hearing loss continues to be great.


Link:The benefits of binaural listening

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