Custom hearing aid-The benefits of custom hearing aids

The custom machine is specially customized according to the ear canal of each person. It can be divided into the ear cavity according to the size.ITE class ear cavity type HS ear canal type ITC deep ear canal CIC, noisy invisible IIC. The biggest feature of the in-ear hearing aid is that it is placed in the ear, beautiful and concealed, small and exquisite. The customized in-ear hearing aid is worn in the ear cavity or the ear canal, making full use of the acoustic characteristics of the auricle and the ear canal, in line with human hearing habits, and has obvious advantages. Due to the customization, the performance of the hearing aid is more consistent with the user’s hearing. Customized hearing aids also feature small size, light weight, low distortion, low noise, and concealed comfort.


The shortage of custom-made hearing aids is relatively high, and some users have a feeling of blocking the ears and need adaptive training. It is prone to whistling; power can’t be done too much. Which type of hearing aid is selected depends on the patient’s hearing and the choice of hearing aids. The fitter will choose according to the actual situation. Of course, the user also has the right to choose.

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