Symptoms of acute otitis media[Acute otitis mediaClinical manifestation]

The outer ear includes an ear portion that is exposed on both sides of the head and an ear canal leading to the inside of the skull. The middle ear contains three small bones that help transmit sound to the eardrum. The Eustachian tube is a very narrow tube that connects the middle ear and throat and controls the air pressure inside the ear. Otitis media can affect the middle ear of a patient, and it usually occurs in children under the age of eight, but people of any age have a chance to develop it. If someone in your family has had otitis media and someone you live or work in is smoking, your chances of getting infected are relatively large.

Symptoms of acute otitis media

Acute otitis media is a type of otitis media that is usually caused by bacteria that cause a cold or sore throat. These bacteria can reach the eustachian tube and cause infection. Infection can cause pus and bleeding, and the tympanic membrane may rupture due to compression. In most cases, the ruptured tympanic membrane can heal itself.

Acute otitis media:

Severe headache; feel fullness in the ears, deafness, tinnitus, fever; when the tympanic membrane ruptures, there will be blood and thick outflow; vomiting or diarrhea.

Treatment of acute otitis media:

Acute otitis media is not treated promptly and may cause deafness or other serious complications. Hydrocephalus otitis is rarely damaging the body for a long time, but temporary deafness is enough to affect the child’s educational and social development. Acute otitis media can recover on its own. If you don’t recover, you can take antibiotics to control. Nasal drops or sprays can sometimes be used to clear the obstruction of the eustachian tube, while ear drops or tablets help to relieve pain.

If the patient has signs of rupture of the tympanic membrane, the doctor may perform an eardrum puncture for the patient. The surgery makes a small hole in the tympanic membrane to expel the fluid, and the tympanic membrane will heal about a week after the infection has healed.

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