In our daily life, hearing aids are not as well known as glasses. We all know that if we can’t see clearly, we need to wear glasses. After wearing them, we can see clearly as people with normal vision, so we also think that hearing is not good. After wearing hearing aids, we should hear clearly as people with normal hearing, but is this the case? Children need help The listener can hear the sound, but not necessarily understand the language. It is very important to wear appropriate hearing aids as early as possible, make full use of residual hearing, and make the development of hearing function synchronize with the psychological and physical development of deaf children.


How to make 6-year-old children pronounce correctly after wearing hearing aids?

Children with language disorders can do some training.

What is the language training for children’s rehabilitation?

1. Lip practice: pursing lips to make a sound from slow to fast, flat lips to make a sound, using lips to make “toot ~”, on the arms to make “poop”, playing wow and other lip exercises, 10 minutes each time.

2. Practice of nasal sound: close your mouth and use your nose to pronounce (nasal sound is used in an / en / ang / ENG / ing of rhyme) for three minutes, long, short, fast, slow, light and heavy.

3. Pronunciation practice: open your mouth loudly and pronounce a -, u-long sounds. Game: the child and the parent extend their thumbs at the same time, while extending and pronouncing a – slowly extend and then face up with the child’s thumbs. When they touch each other forcefully, the pronunciation will be accentuated. You can practice using your abdomen to pronounce forcefully.

What is the effect of speech training in children’s rehabilitation?

It depends on the hearing loss of the baby. Children with hearing loss ≤ 65 decibels can approach the listening and speaking skills of normal people through good learning after wearing hearing aids. Hearing loss in 65-100 decibels of children, after learning, although the listening and speaking skills will still be wrong, there are some tone of abnormal, but still can achieve the ability of listening and speaking, understand the language.

Without good training, these children will behave like children with very severe hearing loss. In the extremely severe children with hearing loss of 100-120 decibels, if they do not use the super power hearing aids, their changes after learning are more, which is difficult to predict.

In fact, for children’s language rehabilitation training, the specific methods and treatment time should be determined according to the specific situation, because the abilities of different language barrier individuals are different. In addition, each person’s ability to accept new knowledge or skills is also different, which needs specific analysis.


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Prevention and treatment of language retardation

1. The basic way for children to learn a language is imitation. Therefore, adults should speak more with children, train children to imitate the language pronunciation of adults, encourage children to dare to speak, and learn to express their own requirements in language.

2. Give more stimulation to promote children’s speech: for example, start to ask children to call “Mom”. If children don’t call Mom, mom should smile and nod, if they don’t call mom again, they still use smile and nod to signal. Finally, when children suddenly call “Mom”, they should hug or kiss their children warmly. In this way, children will experience the love of shouting “Mom” and arouse their interest and enthusiasm in speaking.

3. Let children more contact with society and nature. More contact with society and nature will enrich children’s life, broaden their horizons and broaden their horizons, and naturally have the requirement to speak. If combined with language training, children’s language ability will be developed accordingly.

4. Caused by mental factors: improve the living environment so that children can get mental comfort and life care.


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Build listening habits

Because sound represents certain meaning, in order to make deaf children understand these meanings, it is necessary to let them often touch sound. When a child is diagnosed with hearing impairment, starts to wear hearing aids, and receives training, the sound for him, just like the newborn hearing his first cry, he needs time to learn to listen to the sound, to adapt to the sound. Then he can slowly imitate the voice, understand the meaning of the voice, and then learn to use the language. Therefore, no matter how old he is when he is trained, as a parent, he should treat him like a newborn. All the parents have to do is to let him listen! Listen! Listen! Remind him to listen with vision and touch Our habits are built. Not only to listen to the music and noise in the surrounding environment, but also to listen to the human voice – language, that is, the parents should constantly say! Say! Say! Say to him!

If a child’s hearing is impaired, he can’t get external information and knowledge through normal ways, and can’t learn language and speak like ordinary people, so there are communication barriers and it’s difficult to adapt to social life. To solve the problem of hearing impaired people, the most fundamental way is to solve the problem of language communication. For the children who have just been trained, the focus of training is to wake up their hearing, learn pronunciation, conduct a lot of language stimulation, and establish a sense of language communication. In fact, the rehabilitation training of deaf children also includes pronunciation training, cognitive training, language training, lip reading training and so on. It also needs many assistance, including the joint efforts of parents, audiologists, doctors, teachers and so on. The training process of deaf children is long. Setbacks are inevitable. It is important not to be discouraged or give up!

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