Hearing aid Some tips for the listener [These points guarantee that you don’t know]

Hearing aid Listeners can improve hearing to a certain extent, but they are still subject to various factors, and different people use hearing aids are not exactly the same. It’s like a person, long in the dark, suddenly seeing the sun, it is necessary to adapt to a period of time, and the length of adaptation will vary from person to person.

Some hearing loss friends will not get used to wearing hearing aids, and even suspect that they bought a “fake” hearing aid, because:

1. There is a difference between the sound heard by the hearing aid and the sound heard by the original hearing. It needs to adapt to a stage and generally needs1To3During the month of adaptation, of course, some breathable hearing aids will help shorten the adaptation period. Hearing and advanced hearing technology to maximize the sound distortion, provide natural sound, will help users adapt to hearing aids.

2. Hearing aid Targetedly amplify the sound of certain frequency bands but listen to friends who have lived in a “quiet environment” for a long time. Once they hear the various sounds of the outside world, they can’t adapt at the moment and feel a little noisy. Therefore, the wearer needs to learn to exclude certain backgrounds again. sound. In the initial stage, patience is required, and the wearing time of the hearing aid is gradually lengthened. The volume can be adjusted slightly at the beginning, and then gradually increased after getting used to it.

3. Patients with mixed deafness and neurological deafness have poor ability to distinguish sound. In addition to the use of high-definition hearing aids, a training process should be followed, and the earlier the adaptation period required for wearing a hearing aid is shorter.

Hearing and friendly reminder: Reasonable adjustment of your expectations for the first time wearing and maintaining a good mood will help you enjoy a more comfortable listening experience. In addition, for children with residual hearing, please wear hearing aids early and start the language as soon as possible. Rehabilitation training to avoid missing the best time to learn a language.

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