Some methods of hearing rehabilitation for children

1 The choice of institution. The concept of professionalism and operation is very important. There must be both ways and love, both word-of-mouth and examples, and whether the rehabilitation environment is appropriate. You can ask more graduates and parents of well-healthy children.


2 Whether the child is accompanied by a professional parent and whether the parent has the ability to learn. Sending a child to a rehabilitation institution is not a good thing. This is just the beginning. Children entering a strange place to study, especially in a different place, will inevitably have certain anxiety. At this time, the company’s companionship and appeasement is a child’s smooth recovery. The key to rehabilitation is that the rehabilitation is mainly based on parents and supplemented by teachers. Whether parents can use the rehabilitation method effectively after they learn the rehabilitation method is the key to the rehabilitation effect.

3 Realistic considerations, whether economic ability can support a long road to recovery. Good education and rehabilitation resources are concentrated in large cities, and most of them take several years. Especially for parents who recover from different children, the body and mind and the economy will be greatly tested. Therefore, when choosing a rehabilitation institution, you should fully consider your financial ability and do your best.

4 The choice of rehabilitation teachers and rehabilitation courses. Rehabilitation teachers are a very important part. Experienced, responsible and caring teachers will make children’s rehabilitation learning progress faster, and rich rehabilitation courses will promote the overall development of children. An experienced rehabilitation teacher told me that hearing loss and child-rearing need to be fully developed. In rehabilitation, you should be able to use both the ear and the opportunity to “make your hands and feet”. In the end, it will promote the mouth to “say.”

5 An assessment of whether a child can graduate. Measuring whether a child can graduate is a professional process. It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the child and focus on whether the child can integrate into the normal society. Therefore, since you come, don’t worry, and actively cooperate with the teacher to recover and evaluate. Parents who are anxious to go home when they feel that their children can communicate normally often have to go back.

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