Some knowledge about hearing aids

The auditory language system is a complex system that requires the participation of the outer ear, the middle ear, the inner ear, the auditory nerve, the auditory center, and the speech center. Any link damage can cause hearing impairment, which in turn affects speech function and thus society. Communication and quality of life have an impact. Hearing aids can compensate for hearing impairment to some extent. Broadly speaking, hearing aids should be worn as soon as possible if both ears are damaged to a certain extent. Before choosing the right hearing aid, we must understand the following facts:


1The hearing aid is actually an ultra-small loudspeaker that has no therapeutic effect on diseases that cause hearing loss. The choice of hearing aids must be routinely examined and treated by an otologist. Most people who have irreversible hearing loss after treatment can choose hearing aids, regardless of whether the type of hearing loss is sensorineural hearing loss, mixed sputum, or conduction. Sexuality. However, certain diseases, such as auditory neuropathy, auditory neuroma with progressive hearing loss, and auditory abnormalities caused by certain central nervous diseases, may be poor or ineffective.

2,pressWHOThe standard hearing loss is divided into: mild26-40Decibel; moderate:41-60Decibel; severe:61-80Decibel; very severe:80Above decibels. Simply put, hearing impairments should be matched as early as possible if they affect verbal communication skills (such as answering calls, face-to-face communication in noisy environments, etc.). For special people, such as professional requirements, frequent participation in important negotiations, major social activities, etc., hearing aids can be selected with mild hearing loss. At the same time, it should be understood that for severe sensorineural hearing loss, the hearing aid can not be fully compensated, and must rely on lip reading, expression, association and other means to help, and the opposite

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