So what is the difference between hearing aids?

There are many hearing aids, and the price range of hearing aids ranges from a few hundred to tens of thousands. Why is the price range of hearing aids so large? The first thing we need to emphasize is that the hearing aids have such a large price range for different levels of hearing loss, different hearing requirements, the quality of the hearing aids, and so on. Hearing is the degree of loss is how loud you can hear, some are mild hearing loss, some are severe hearing loss and extremely heavy, which requires matching different power hearing aids, the price of different power will not same. Different hearing requirements, for example: If you are just chatting with your family at home, not in a noisy living environment, you can meet an need with an entry-level hearing aid. But you want to work outside, listen to the sound in a noisy environment, call, watch TV and other complex environments. Then the requirements of the hearing aid will be higher, and the internal structure of the hearing aid will be more complicated. This is one of the reasons why the hearing aid price range is so large.


To sum up: If you have not determined the extent of your hearing loss, you have not determined your hearing aid requirements, and other factors, etc., and the more experienced hearing aid fittings can’t. I will give you an idea of ​​how much it will cost.

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