Should children’s hearing aid ear molds be replaced frequently?

People who have long been accustomed to wearing hearing aids are aware of the reasonable wearing of the ear molds. If it is a suitable ear mold, there is no big abnormal feeling after wearing it. However, when wearing the correct, still feel pain or discomfort, it is necessary to contact the hearing center in time to repair or make a new ear mold from scratch. When hearing loss is aggravated, it may also be necessary to replace the new ear mold from the beginning. If the ear mold is damaged, or the child’s original ear mold is not suitable, it should be updated in time. The application time of the ear mold is limited, and the child is generally3-9The demand is replaced once a month; adults generally do not need to replace, but when the whistle, the ear mold is broken or the ear mold data is aging, the demand is replaced. Care of the ear molds Pay attention to clean the ear molds with a soft, boring cloth every day to prevent the sound transmission parts of the ear molds from being blocked. Regularly clean the ear mold with warm water. Keep an eye on the ear mold and the hearing aid. Wipe clean and dry the ear mold before connecting it to the hearing aid.


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