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The introduction of a hearing aid with a charging function eliminates the trouble of hearing aid users buying batteries. At the same time, when you are on a business trip, traveling, etc., suddenly there is a battery exhaustion, and you don’t know whether you can buy a hearing aid battery nearby and when you travel, the hearing aid with charging function can avoid these flaws well. The Ruisheng Daruizhi series hearing aid is a hearing aid with charging function. It is equipped with a charging base, plugs the hearing aid with a rechargeable battery into the base, and connects to the power supply to complete the charging. A small slot is also provided to charge the battery directly.


Rechargeable hearing aidOkay??In fact, with the development of society and technology, most of today’s elderly hearing aids are rechargeable. Rechargeable elderly hearing aids are much better than battery replacement, which is much more convenient, and there is no need to change batteries frequently. It can be used.

Which brand of rechargeable old hearing aid is good??The hearing aid is actually a miniature loudspeaker, mainly composed of a microphone, an amplifier, an earphone and a power supply. It expands the subtle sounds to reach the intent of hearing aids. The brands of rechargeable hearing aids are as follows:

1Only listen to hearing aids. From Denmark, it is also the leading hearing aid product in the world. It is the leader in the development of hearing aids. It has developed a variety of high-tech hearing aids, a number of unique wireless transmission platforms, giving users a better listening experience, and stereoscopic display of powerful functions. , giving users surprises beyond expectations.

2Denmark’s Oticon was founded in1904In the year, his founder, Hans Demont, created Odicon’s original intention from his love for a hearing loss wife. For more than a century, Oticon has been in the world.20Yujiazi Company and near80Home agent, and has the world’s largest audiology research center, is one of the world’s most famous professional manufacturers of research and development, production of high-quality hearing aid products, its products from hearing aids, auxiliary hearing equipment, FM language training system, audio diagnosis From instrumentation to personal acoustic equipment, it covers the entire audiology field of hearing screening, hearing diagnosis, hearing intervention, hearing rehabilitation and personal sound equipment.

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