Patients who come to the store for consultation often ask the following questions: I see that the two hearing aids are similar in style and function, but why are the prices different several times? Even some patients’ families will directly say that the water content of hearing aids in your store is too large. In fact, these situations are caused by the lack of understanding of hearing aids.

Hearing aids can be divided into four grades according to different technical grades:

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Hearing aid using traditional amplifying circuit

The internal part of the hearing aid adopts separate components or printed circuit board to amplify the sound simply, and there is no automatic processing function for the volume. The number of adjustment knobs is limited and the adjustment range is small. The background noise is more and the distortion is larger. It may be uncomfortable for the sudden strong sound. The user needs to adjust and play a lot.

Hearing aids using integrated circuits

The internal part of the hearing aid mainly adopts integrated circuit. With the change of the external sound intensity, the amplification can be automatically controlled, and the patient does not need to adjust the volume frequently. The number of adjusting knobs is limited, the background noise is small, and the distortion is small. It is more suitable for the loudness characteristics and use habits of the elderly patients with sensorineural deafness.

Computer programmed hearing aid

The core component of hearing aid is a digital chip with the ability of storage, analysis and control. According to the characteristics of patients’ hearing loss, audiologists can set hearing aid parameters on computers and store them on this digital chip. The chip continuously analyzes the external input sound and controls the work of other analog components in the hearing aid. Each set of parameters contains a lot of contents, which can be used to divide the frequency range of the sound and amplify the sound. Therefore, the sound quality is soft, the adjustment is fine and the distortion is small. Multiple sets of hearing aid parameters can be set for patients to use in different sound environment (such as quiet office, noisy dining room).

All digital hearing aid

< a href = "" target = "blank" > full digital hearing aid < / a > is the latest technology that just appeared in the past two years, and also uses digital components, with faster computing speed, up to 14000000 times per second, and stronger analysis and processing functions Digital electronic technology has been widely used, such as the familiar CD, VCD, the reason why there is such a clear sound quality, picture quality, it is because of the use of digital technology. In addition to all the advantages of the computer programmed hearing aid, the all digital hearing aid also has the intelligent processing functions of natural sound quality, minimal distortion, noise suppression, high language clarity, automatic adaptation to various hearing environments, etc., which is the leader in the field of hearing aids.

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