Hearing aid, as its name implies, is an instrument to help patients listen to sound, which is very important for hearing patients. Every parent is looking forward to making the best use of hearing aids. However, whether the function of hearing aid can play its best depends not only on its own performance and matching level, but also on whether the hearing aid is used correctly. Therefore, parents (teachers) should pay attention to the following matters in the use of children:

1. Carry out “morning check” for hearing aids every day:

The so-called “morning check” refers to the check of the working state of hearing aids after getting up in the morning. Inspection contents mainly include:

1) whether the battery voltage meets the specified requirements: it is better to use a voltage tester to check. If the voltage fails to meet the rated requirements, it needs to be replaced in time.

2) monitor the sound of hearing aids: for example, in winter in the north, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, and the ear hook and ear mold catheter of hearing aids are easy to appear < a href = "http://www.sqhearing.com/tlkp/330.html" target = "_blank" > water vapor < / a >, resulting in no sound or abnormal sound of hearing aids; there are also more cerumen in the outer ear canal of children, which is easy to block the ear mold sound hole It affects the transmission of sound, which needs special attention.

3) check whether the hearing aid squeaks: the main methods are to check whether the ear mold is in place, whether the ear hook or ear mold of the hearing aid has cracks, and whether the ear mold rubber tube and ear hook are well connected. For children, it is also necessary to check whether it is because of the growth of age, the auricle becomes larger, the ear mold is relatively smaller, resulting in the mismatch between the two.

4) it is necessary to pay attention to whether the children’s sensitivity to voice listening changes and how it changes: every morning, wear a hearing aid to check the children’s listening to the voice. Children can listen to and retell the pronunciation of a, I, u, m, s, SH six English letters. If they can retell accurately, it shows that the effect of hearing compensation is basically satisfactory. If there is any abnormality, find out the reason and solve it together with the match maker if necessary.

2. The best listening distance of hearing aids should be mastered:

For example, when teaching children how to speak, the distance between teachers (parents) and children should not exceed two meters.

3. Learn to use the “t” position of hearing aid flexibly:

“T” refers to the magnetoelectric induction input mode. It is generated by cutting the magnetic field line of force in the magnetic field through the internal induction coil and then amplified. Turn on the “t” gear, and after magnetoelectric induction, the sound from the sound source can be heard clearly.

4. Pay attention to the relatively quiet environment of hearing and speech training:

If you are in a noisy environment, it is easy for the noise to interfere with the listening of the speech, and the phenomenon that you can hear but can’t hear clearly appears. Therefore, in hearing and speech training, especially in the early stage, we should try to choose a quiet environment.

5. Strive to use radio frequency modulation (FM) system in children’s language training:

Radio frequency modulation system increases the intensity of sound signal, reduces the intensity of noise, increases the definition of speech sound through the change of signal-to-noise ratio, and is conducive to language learning. In addition, it also solves the problem that distance has an effect on hearing aid. On the premise that the transmitter power is satisfied, as long as the teacher or parents wear the transmitter and the receiver, the children can hear their voice clearly no matter where they are.

Therefore, the above points can not be ignored. If parents (teachers) do this, they will not only improve their children’s listening, but also help their learning.

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