Hearing loss friends did not play a good role in hearing aid test due to incorrect use  the good effect of hearing aid . Here, I would like to brief my friends:

First of all, friends must insist on wearing hearing aids when they check the hearing aids. For example, some friends check the hearing aids, but they don’t usually wear them. At this time, his ears are in a quiet environment. Suddenly, he wants to go to a family party, and he puts the hearing AIDS on. At this time, his ears have no connection with the hearing aids at all. It can be said that he is totally listening with a new voice, talking with his relatives and friends, and he has no rehabilitation training of hearing aids. So, the effect of wearing this friend will be the same as wearing a new hearing aid. This listening is not controlled by him. Your ear is passive. Only the sound coming in can it be heard. Therefore, only by wearing hearing aids, can friends hear more and more rich voices, which is conducive to their auditory response and rehabilitation. Friends can tell which is the language, which is the noise, which is the existing voice around you, which is the useful voice through the daily wear, so that the listening nerve will become more and more sensitive. Your mastery of environment and speech dialogue will improve. So: we suggest that hearing aids must be worn consistently!

The most important thing to wear hearing aids is not to rush for success. Family members should also participate in the hearing aid wearing rehabilitation training, and help users to pass the use process peacefully. First of all: don’t wear it for a long time every day. It needs a gradual process to wear the hearing aid. In the first week of wearing it, only wear it in a quiet indoor environment. Wear it for 2-3 hours every day, especially for the elderly. If you feel tired, take it off and rest to avoid hearing fatigue. In the second week, you can go to a slightly more complex environment in the community. It can be worn for 4-5 hours every day. In the third week, we can go to the streets, supermarkets, and more complex environments, so that your ears will be worn from a quiet environment to a noisy environment, from a short time to a long time. It is a matter of 6-8 hours a day. Especially for the elderly, it is necessary to increase the wearing time when he is comfortable, and do not worry.

So: we suggest that hearing aids should be worn scientifically!

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