Phonak hearing aid vs Resound hearing aid [wearing feeling comparison]

The left ear 70 decibel hearing, the right ear can not hear, the current left ear is wearing the Audeo S SMART IX B type, the right ear is Cros. Cros is a binaural transmission hearing aid. If there is hearing on the other side of the hearing, then the ear on the side without hearing can wear the Cros, and the sound on this side can be wirelessly transmitted to the other side. I have a hearing aid in my left ear, my right ear has no hearing, but with Cros, the sound on the right is transmitted to the hearing aid on the left, and I can call it on the right.


The map is myPhonak hearing aidThe family portrait, the first row on the left is the wireless fitting, I have nothing to do with my own tuning. In the middle is a remote microphone that is easy to use during meetings. On the right is the Bluetooth relay station. The second row is the hearing aid on the left and the Cros on the right. The Phonak Audeo S SMART IX B hearing aid is not available in China. The fitter told me that my model and the model on the manual have the same performance. Some time ago, the ear tree loaned me a high-health hearing aid. The picture I forgot to take, borrowed the online map, probably longer. (After comments, this is not Chigo, but I can’t find the map of Chigo, or use this map)

I tried it for two weeks, and I had a bit of contrast. I sent it to everyone and hoped to help everyone.

Special statement: The following are only subjective feelings, the hearing itself is very complicated, and everyone’s feelings are different. This can only represent my personal feelings.

1, sound quality, Phonak and Resound are not much different, Phononic sound quality is relatively stable, Resound is relatively loud, but the difference is not big, I think the difference is within 5%.

2, Bluetooth, Resound is over, you can connect directly to the iPhone without transferring, there is an app to adjust the volume, you can also use the phone to locate the position of the hearing aid, Phonak does not have this app, and you need to buy a Bluetooth adapter separately, you have to Hanging on the neck, there is no convenience.

3 and Resound can use the iPhone as a remote microphone. It is very useful for meetings. There is noise reduction function. The iPhone and the hearing aid can receive sound at the same time. Phonak has only one single receiver. It needs to be purchased separately, no noise reduction function, noisy. The environment is basically unavailable, the available distance is about 15 meters, and it is also possible to receive sound at the same time.

4, Bluetooth call, Ruishengda is speaking to the iPhone, Fengli said to the Bluetooth adapter, Ruisheng reached victory.

5 and Resound also have a disadvantage, that is, you cannot connect two devices at the same time. If you can connect two iPhones, it will be perfect.

6, Resound and Phonak are not able to hear voice messages from Bluetooth using WeChat. It is estimated to be a WeChat BUG.

7 and Resound have better judgments on the iPhone. Phonak is to switch to the mode of receiving iPhone sounds when unlocking the iPhone. Even if there is no sound on the iPhone, Resound will not. Resound has sound on the iPhone. It will switch when it is.

When 8 and Bluetooth are called, the sound of the sound is stable and the sound quality is better. The peak power Bluetooth is very unstable and intermittent, and the sound quality is very poor. It feels like the sound quality of the broken radio in the last century.

9, when meeting, initially felt that Resound Darby could hear more clearly.

10, wind noise, Resound Darby peak force control is good, the peak force of wearing the wind noise is simply that big, how to adjust the tone is not good, the wind noise suppression is adjusted to the highest is useless, the old running fitting center It was a trouble to debug and bought a wireless fitting machine. I had no choice but to give up after half a month.

Summary: The advantage of Phonak is that the store is more reassuring after sale. The advantage of Resound is strong Bluetooth, which is more suitable for young people with iPhone. Interests: The above feelings are subjective feelings, not soft texts, confiscation of a penny, purely a feeling of contrast. I am a young man and feel that I prefer the powerful Bluetooth function when the sound quality is not much different.

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