What should I do if I can hear but can’t hear?

It is recommended to go to a professional hearing organization in time to perform hearing rehabilitation according to the specific situation. The general examinations that need to be done are: pure tone hearing test, through which you can understand the degree of hearing loss (that is, what sound can be heard and what sound is not heard). However, pure tone hearing tests do not check the benefits of the patient’s hearing comprehension. In fact, any hearing loss will involve both the level of hearing and the ability to understand.


Speech tests are also required, and through verbal tests, the degree of loss of verbal comprehension can be clarified. Only by combining these two tests can the audiologist choose a suitable hearing aid to compensate for hearing loss and choose appropriate functions such as noise reduction, directional microphone, speech enhancement,FMThe system, etc., helps to improve speech intelligibility, which also achieves better intervention effects.

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