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With the decline of physical function, the hearing is gradually decreasing. It is often difficult to communicate. If the elderly in your family have these conditions, it means that the hearing loss of the elderly is already a bit serious: you need to go back and speak loudly to hear. Unconsciously increase the volume of various audio-visual equipment, often complaining that it is particularly noisy when there are many people. The hearing loss of the elderly will seriously affect the daily life of the elderly. It is necessary to choose a hearing aid for the elderly.


The price of hearing aids for the elderly ranges from a few hundred to several thousand, ranging from tens of thousands. Different models and different brands of hearing aids are available at different prices. According to the price of the elderly hearing aids, it can be divided into high-end, medium-grade, mid-range and low-end hearing aids.

Low-grade elderly hearing aids: the price is usually1000-5000Around the Yuan, these hearing aids are mainly suitable for the elderly who have low requirements for hearing aids and a single living environment. Such hearing aids can usually only satisfy a single life dialogue. The effect of hearing aids in a relatively complex dialogue environment may not be so obvious.

Mid-range elderly hearing aids: the price is usually5000-1About 10,000 yuan, these hearing aids are mainly suitable for the elderly who have certain social requirements, and can help the elderly to hear the conversations in a more noisy environment.

High-end elderly hearing aids: the price is usually1-3About 10,000, these hearing aids can be applied to relatively many life situations, such as answering the phone, watching TV, etc. In these living environments, the elderly can hear the surrounding sound very well.

High-end elderly hearing aids: the price is usually3More than 10,000, these hearing aids can not only meet the various life scenes of the elderly, but also usually equipped with some hearing aids to make the voices heard by the elderly more realistic and more comfortable.

Old man hearing aids more money  

The prices of hearing aids for the elderly vary greatly. There are hundreds of dollars and thousands of dollars. What are the differences between these hearing aids with huge price differences?

1A few hundred yuan old hearing aids: low-end hearing aids often only need a few hundred dollars to buy, these hearing aids are generally not all-digital computer programming hearing aids. After wearing it, it is only a function of a loudspeaker and an amplifier.

2Usually, all-digital computer-programmed hearing aids range from thousands to 10,000 yuan. He needs the wearer to go to the hearing aid fitting store to detect the hearing condition. According to the test results, the hearing and hearing compliance is correct. Hearing aid.

Hearing aid fitting assistant tips: Do not choose to listen to the hearing aids online. Hearing aids need to be debugged according to the specific hearing conditions of the hearing impaired. People with different hearing impairments are suitable for different hearing aids. Hearing aids suitable for their hearing conditions can be achieved. The best hearing aid for hearing aids.

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