(I) characteristics, types and sources of productive noise

In production, the noise caused by machine rotation, gas emission, workpiece impact and friction is called productive noise or industrial noise. It can be divided into the following three categories:

1. Aerodynamic noise. Because of the gas disturbance caused by the change of gas pressure, the gas interacts with other objects. For example, various fans, air compressors, pneumatic tools, jet engines, steam turbines, etc. make noise due to pressure pulses and gas emissions.

2. Mechanical noise. The noise produced by the vibration of solid parts caused by mechanical impact, friction or unbalanced mass rotation. For example, the noise from various lathes, chainsaws, planers, ball mills, grinders, and looms.

3. Electromagnetic noise. Due to the electromagnetic pulse, the vibration of electrical components is caused. Such as electromagnetic vibration table and oscillator, large motor, generator and transformer noise.

There are many kinds of operation that can produce noise. The main types of work affected by strong noise are: workers using various pneumatic tools (such as riveters, shovelers, casting cleaners, mining, water conservancy and construction drilling workers, etc.), textile workers, engine testers, steel plate calibrators, tractors, aircraft pilots and artillery, etc.

(II) harm of production noise to human body

The adverse effects of productive noise on human body are various. The first is the damage to the auditory organ. Under the effect of noise for a long time, the sensitivity of the auditory organ decreases, which adapts from hearing to hearing fatigue, and finally leads to occupational deafness. At the same time, it can damage the function of nervous system, cardiovascular system and other organs.

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