You no longer have to worry about battery remaining and battery replacement. Jinghao JH-338 rechargeable hearing aids allow you to enjoy the new life of day and night listening at will.

1. Innovative lithium electronic charging technology

Unlike the silver-zinc batteries used in other rechargeable hearing aids in the market, Jinghao rechargeable hearing aids use a lithium-ion lithium-ion battery. This means faster charging and longer battery life. The lithium battery series can provide more than 1,500 full-effect charging, which is 3-4 times that of other products. And the built-in intelligent charging management module provides protection against overcharging of the battery.

2. Three-in-one charging box

It integrates charging, drying and cleaning functions. It is suitable for you to use before going to bed every day and gently put it into the box. When it is taken out again, it has been charged, dried and cleaned for you. It is convenient for travel, office and home use.

3. Storage energy block

It is designed for mobile energy replenishment designed for the charging case. The 2 rechargeable hearing aids have 7 days of extra power, allowing you to charge whenever you are traveling.

4. Mini charger

It weighs only 10 grams and is easy to carry around. The compact form factor is also convenient and low-key in the office.

5. Faster, more stable charging method

The charging contact made of titanium alloy solves the problems of wireless charging, ordinary contact charging and the like which are susceptible to electrical interference, slow charging, unstable, and corrosion of contacts. It ensures that the entire charging process is fast, continuous and stable

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