On October 10, 2018, Huizhou Jinhao Medical Technology Co., Ltd. held a new three board listing ceremony and a thank-you meeting at the Kempinski Hotel.

Wang Min, Chairman of Jinhao, Wang Fang, General Manager of Jinhao, Marco Buehler, Chairman of German Shareholder Beurer, Le Kaikang, General Manager of Beurer Far East Co., Ltd., President of Huizhou Medical Device Industry Association, General Manager of Huizhou Huali Medical Co., Ltd. Hey, Ye Ping, president of Huizhou City Network Business Association, attended the ceremony and pressed the handprint on the big screen to start the ceremony.

The Jinhao Volunteer Service Team was formally established. Chen Huiyi, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of Huicheng District Committee, awarded the team the team and Dongjiang volunteer team leader Huang Yuansheng awarded the flag to the service team.

Zhong Jiansen, deputy chief of medical equipment department of Huizhou Municipal Food and Drug Administration, vice president of Huizhou Medical Device Industry Association, director of Rongjia (Huizhou) Medical Device Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Jiang Chunxi, executive vice president of Huizhou Pharmaceutical Distribution Association, Chen Biaohua, and other guests The colleagues of the Medical Association and other colleagues attended the thank-you meeting and sent a sincere blessing to Jin Hao colleagues.

Chairman Wang Min and Mr. Marco delivered a warm speech. Jin Hao colleagues and guests performed violin, dance, chorus and other programs. Chairman Wang Min and General Manager Wang Fang gave a toast. Distinguished guests presented their best wishes for Jinhao.

The listing of the New Third Board is only the first step in the Long March. In the future, Huizhou Medical Device Industry Association members will work together with Jinhao Medical to work together and work together towards a better future.



Link:Huizhou Jinhao Medical Technology Co., Ltd. New Third Board Listing Ceremony

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