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Two to three hundred to tens of thousands of dollars, the types are: box type, ear type, full ear cavity type, ear canal type, deep ear canal type (invisible hearing aid), it is necessary to choose according to personal hearing conditions. Deaf hearing aids are all tools, equipment, devices, and instruments that help hearing-impaired people improve their hearing impairments and improve their ability to communicate with others.


Regardless of the kind of deafness (neurological deafness, mixed deafness, conductive deafness), as long as there is residual hearing, you can wear a hearing aid. The price of hearing aids ranges from several hundred yuan to tens of thousands. It is recommended to bring the elderly to the professional test. The distribution center first makes a hearing test. According to the hearing situation, the fitter knows which machine is more suitable for him.

Hearing aidThe price ranges from a few hundred yuan, a few thousand yuan, to several tens of thousands, and the most expensive is currently near.5In case of a set, the model is different, the hearing aid platform is different, the sound quality is different, and the specific needsHearing aidThe fitter combines your hearing and financial situation to help you choose. The price of hearing aids varies according to the shape. There are box machines, ear-back machines, and ear machines. Prices range from a few hundred yuan to several tens of thousands.Hearing aidIt is a need for fitting, depending on the patient’s hearing.

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