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On September 8, Jinghao Hangzhou children’s hearing aid center held an anniversary celebration. Jinghao Hangzhou children’s hearing aid has been one year old. In the past year, the children’s center witnessed the growth of many children and helped them enter the sound world.

In order to celebrate the anniversary, we specially invited Mr. Mao Huahui, founder of Jinghao hearing aid, Dr. Hu Xujun, Zhejiang University of traditional Chinese medicine, and Mr. Jiang Huan, ruishengda group, to provide better services for the children.






Children and parents get together at this moment. In this year, we spend together with parents and babies. There were tears, anxiety, laughter and confidence. On this special day, we celebrate the growth of Jinghao Hangzhou children’s hearing aid center. The children sat in front of the cake and silently promised their growth wishes.



Expert one-on-one answers

Our experts, general manager of Mao Huahui and Dr. Hu Xujun, provide professional guidance for parents of children to answer questions and provide more accurate debugging services and professional technical support for every child.

Our Jinghao Hangzhou children’s hearing aid center has been adhering to the principle of “professional matching, service first” to grow up with all children and cooperate with parents. We will continue to improve our services to bring more hearing-impaired people happiness. Thank you for your trust and company.

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