Now, there are two types of hearing aids on the market, one is analog hearing aids, the other is digital hearing aids. The older box hearing aids have been basically eliminated, so we will not discuss them.

In fact, the current hearing aids are basically digital hearing aids, and less than 10% of the remaining analog hearing aids will be eliminated in the next 10 years. The root cause of the elimination is that the effect of hearing aids is not good, so here I will show you why the analog hearing aids are not as good as the digital hearing aids.

The reason why analog hearing aids are not easy to use is that such hearing aids can only amplify the sound linearly. To put it simply, they amplify all the sounds in the outside world, including those noises. Therefore, this leads to a phenomenon that the sound is not clear in the low voice, and the noise is still too loud in the high voice, which is also the reason why some hearing loss patients are still too noisy after wearing hearing aids.

In terms of audiology, it will further damage our hearing and lead to even worse hearing loss. At the same time, because this kind of hearing aid can only amplify the voice, which is not helpful for speech recognition, so what you can’t hear or can’t hear will not be understood because the sound changes. To popularize it here, not all the things that can’t be heard are caused by the light voice. In many cases, the things that can’t be heard are actually the things that can’t be understood.

The analog hearing aid is linear amplification, and the digital hearing aid is nonlinear amplification. In terms of function alone, the digital hearing aid is equipped with many functions that the analog hearing aid does not have. The core of the digital hearing aid is a chip, and its processing speed is extremely fast, and it will change automatically with the change of surrounding environment. If you are in a position If the environment is noisy, the digital hearing aid will start the noise reduction function. By amplifying the volume of other people’s speech and reducing the surrounding noise, the speech recognition will be improved.

Because of the noise reduction function, the analog hearing aid can’t be compared with the digital hearing aid in terms of comfort alone. Secondly, the digital hearing aid can also alleviate the hearing loss. Although we can’t prevent the normal hearing loss, it can prevent the hearing loss caused by noise and protect the residual hearing Use.

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