Full digital hearing aidThe advantages

The choice of the current hearing aids is generally equipped with digital hearing aids. Digitization and intelligence are the future directions for the development of hearing aids. But some customers will ask: Why do you choose a digital hearing aid?

Full digital hearing aidDigital technology can segment the sound signal, wide dynamic range compression, multi-channel programming, noise reduction, etc., which is beneficial to strengthen the signal, control feedback and improve the sound quality, effectively improve the signal-to-noise ratio and speech resolution, so that the hearing aid has The intelligent features can meet the different hearing needs of users.

Full digital hearing aidMainly have the following advantages:

Under low-sounding conditions, the analog hearing aid can only amplify the fixed volume, and the all-digital hearing aid can instantly increase the gain to ensure sufficient amplification.

Under loud input conditions, when the analog hearing aid starts peak clipping and gain control, the distortion also increases, resulting in reduced speech resolution;Full digital hearing aidThe external sound can be controlled within a narrow dynamic range with less distortion, which enhances the ability to sense and distinguish voice signals.

In a noisy environment,Full digital hearing aidIt can automatically turn off the frequency band with obvious noise and improve the signal-to-noise ratio, thus improving the understanding of speech and improving the speech resolution.

Full digital hearing aidThe frequency range of the hearing aid can be divided into multiple frequency bands, and the gain, compression threshold and compression ratio are respectively set, and the adjustable parameters are up to dozens, and the hearing compensation is more targeted and finer.

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