Is your hearing aid fully utilized?

Hearing aids are a kind of technical aids. With the continuous improvement of functions, the pursuit is to make the hearing impaired audible, to hear clearly, to hear clearly, to listen comfortably, and the voice and environment volume will not be too large or too small. Of course, we are still striving to achieve the goal. Therefore, if the hearing impaired wears a hearing aid, it is unclear, uncomfortable, and the background noise is too large. Of course, we must seek solutions. Do not let these feelings affect the willingness to use the hearing aid. The following practices are recommended to reduce the negative impact of hearing aids:


First, do a hearing assessment regularly. The hearing organ or function of the hearing impaired will change with the type of disorder of the hearing impaired, especially the younger the child, the more need to do a hearing assessment every six months to one year to understand the hearing changes. Determine whether the hearing aid is suitable, and analyze whether the hearing aid is in good condition from the age of the hearing aid and the wearing condition. All of this is through regular hearing assessment to get the correct message.

Second, the configuration of hearing aids should be prudent. At present, there are no legal specifications for hearing aids in China. The sellers are not good enough. Therefore, after purchasing the hearing aids, it is better to follow the wearing comfort. If there is any discomfort, contact the audiologist or the fitter to adjust the hearing aids. Until the ideal situation.

Third, the hearing impaired person should be within three years after fitting the hearing aid(Children under the age of 12 need to be at least once a year)For timely hearing tests and replacement of appropriate hearing aids.

Fourth, the hearing aid should be regularly maintained and tracked, which can reduce the cost of hearing aid maintenance.;When the hearing aid echoes, some hearing-impaired children are not aware of it. At this time, the parents prompt him to adjust the hearing aid to reduce the echo to continue to interfere with the reception of the voice. At the same time, the earphone of the hearing aid has been intimate with the ear canal because of the child’s growth. In combination, you need to check if you need to change the appropriate ear mold.

Fifth, the hearing impaired should develop the habit of adjusting the hearing aid with a hearing aid. Children with hearing impairment who are wearing hearing aids should gradually extend the time of wearing according to the guidance of the audiologist or manufacturer.2I can wear it all day after week, and I need to do another evaluation after a few months. For hearing-impaired children who cannot benefit from hearing aids, it is recommended not to reluctantly evaluate other methods. If it is suitable for sign language communication, respect the child’s communication needs.

Sixth, there are many types of hearing aids, each with its own design and advantages and its limitations. Therefore, it is necessary to educate hearing-impaired children with hearing aids. If the age is too small, parents or teachers should pay attention to the students’ reactions. For example, during classFMFM hearing aids have limited effect on their speech recognition capabilities, making students dislikeFMWhen tuning a hearing aid, the author thinks that parents or teachers should first clarify whether it is a hearing aid for hearing-impaired students.;In addition, the artificial electronic ear is an implant surgery, which requires open frequency before use. If the hearing-impaired person feels that there is noise interference, it is necessary to redo the adjustment of the hearing aid gain and re-open the frequency until it feels Wear it comfortably.

7. In order to improve the positive attitude of the hearing impaired to the self, in addition to not deliberately emphasizing the wearing of hearing aids to avoid rejection, teachers or hearing-impaired students can also introduce hearing aids to normal hearing students to prevent students from pranking based on curiosity and causing each other. hurt.

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