Put onHearing aidIs it the same as normal people?

Many hearing-impaired people think that wearing a hearing aid is just like a normal person’s ear, and can communicate and hear normally. In fact, hearing aids can only help you solve the sounds you can’t hear. Now let you hear. For listening and hearing, you still need a process of training and family. Hearing aids only magnify the original inaudible sounds to a hearing and a life-solving problem as well as a psychological self-adjustment mentality. Specifically, there is a great relationship between each person’s hearing and speech resolution. For some hearing-impaired hearing aids, the effect is not very effective for them. For hearing aids, many people think that for hearing and moderate hearing, in fact, hearing aids need a professional fitting process to choose, if not selected, even tens of thousands of hearing aids do not necessarily have thousands of dollars The hearing aid is good.


The general hearing aid fitting process is: audiometry, test machine, hearing aid Ear sample , adjust the machine, adjust the machine after use. To ensure that the hearing aid is suitable. Any hearing aid has its limitations: the sound does not sound natural, the speech resolution is poor, the adaptation time is relatively long, and it requires more training, more watching, and more listening. CorrectHearing aidThe desired value and the right choice of hearing aids are the most important for the hearing impaired.

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