Hearing aids have no noiseIs the hearing aid noisy?

The hearing aid itself has a noise floor. Generally, people who have hearing loss can’t hear it. Another is to wear a hearing aid to hear the sound of the environment that could not be heard. It is just not suitable at the beginning. After the habit, it will ignore the environment. sound.


A hearing aid is an electronic product that emits a slight noise during operation and is called: background noise. This kind of noise is louder in the low-end hearing aids. The higher the end, the softer and milder the machine is; the usual low-frequency soft sound is heard; the normal-eared ears can easily detect that the low-frequency hearing loss is often noticeable. People who have a decline in overall hearing are hard to detect. In addition, for the amplified ambient noise, the loudness will change with the noise reduction function of the hearing aid; the good noise reduction function of the hearing aid is higher, the signal to noise ratio is high, and even if the ambient noise is heard, it will not be noisy, and Hear the conversation clearly. In summary, if you want the hearing aid to be quiet and clear, you can choose a high-end machine.

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