How strong is the hearing aid with a price of more than 40,000?Buyers experience

My father is using4More than one, I use more than 20,000. Yes, I have inherited the neurological hearing impairment of my father’s family. Since childhood, my hearing has been worse than that of ordinary people. I have encountered many awkwardness. Others think that you are cold, always ignore him and the like, in fact, I just did not hear. Of course, the off-topic is not pressed.<br>I use it now, the concealment is good, the size of the soy bean, the ear canal type, according to the size of the custom ear canal, there is basically no noise, the sound heard is close to the real sound, it does not feel that the microphone is expanding the sound, and with automatic identification Function, in a very noisy environment, will automatically recognize the voice of the person talking to you, instead of amplifying the sound of the vehicle horn, the personal experience is very good. But for girls, if you have a ponytail or put your hair behind your ear, the person standing next to you will notice something in your ear. But as long as you don’t look from the side, you can’t see it.


And my father used it, I have never used it, but listening to him said that the experience is very good, after all, you have to believe that a penny is worth the goods. But his model, in addition to my own features, has the following advantages. It can’t be seen from the side, it’s smaller, it goes deeper into the ear canal, and the breathability is definitely good, because I use this to fill the ear canal, and my father used it, it only accounts for about half. space. The hearing aid is afraid of noise, and the second is afraid of boring the ear. This does not completely occupy the ear canal. Naturally, there is no boring ear. The only thing is that this hearing aid will have something similar to the auxiliary line outside the auricle. The boys will be more obvious, but the girl will definitely not see it after putting it down or pinching it.<br>Perhaps it is because of my younger age, and it is for girls. In addition to listening to the sound, I also pay attention to whether it is easy for outsiders to find out. Therefore, the more expensive the natural price, the better the concealment.

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