Starck hearing aids andFront force hearing aidWhich is better

The choice of hearing aids is based on the wearer’s hearing, ear canal conditions and their own circumstances. Each brand has its own advantages. You can go to the fitting center to check the audition and choose the hearing aid that is most suitable for you. These two brands are the world’s first-line brands. They all have their own advantages. They don’t say which one is better. The key is to It is the best for you, it is the best for you, so it is recommended to go directly to the actual debugging experience of the center. There is no absolute difference between the brand and the effect, depending on what kind of hearing aid your hearing loss and hearing properties are suitable for. And even if the same hearing aid, the effect on different people is different. Suggested hearing to nearby

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Link:Which is good for Starck hearing aids and front hearing aids?

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