Is there a few hundred dollars for digital hearing aids?

Good hearing aids and cheap hearing aids are divided into two categories: simulators and all-digital machines. The simulators are linear one-to-one magnification. Amplifying speech sounds will amplify noise, so most people will feel very noisy when wearing them. Uncomfortable, but all-digital hearing aids need to be tested and tested. According to the inspection data, the domestic hearing aids have been developed rapidly in recent years. However, compared with foreign counterparts, they are the same as glasses. To connect to a computer for data debugging. There is still a big gap in chip level, so it is recommended to wear imported hearing aids if economic conditions permit.


to sum up:

The advantages of cheap hearing aids: the price of the same grade is relatively cheaper and the profit margin is larger; Disadvantages: the chip technology is not very mature compared to the import, the quality stability is lacking, the after-sales service is not guaranteed, and the price is high. : Chip technology is mature, quality is stable, and after-sales service is good; Disadvantages: relatively high price

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