Advantages of digital hearing aids-Digital hearing aid performance introduction

The hearing aids on the market today can be divided into sound processing modes: analog hearing aids and digital hearing aids. The amplification mode of the simulated hearing aid for sound is linear amplification. The digital hearing aid is a non-linear amplification, using a digital chip that is much faster than a computer.

Let’s talk specifically about the advantages of digital hearing aids:

1.Multi-channel processing. The digital chip divides the frequency range into multiple channels to determine its gain, compression threshold, and compression ratio, respectively, and the range of the channel can be freely split, which is especially suitable for patients with non-flat hearing loss.

2.More fine adjustments. The digital chip can control up to a dozen hearing aid parameters. A programmable hearing aid can be adapted to hearing impaired people of different degrees and different types of hearing curves. The relevant time domain and frequency domain control are the most widely used parameters, and the fitting can be accurate.1dBAnd there is simulation effect on the optional software interface.

3.The compression ratio is adjustable. Conventional compression-amplified hearing aids have established a fixed compression ratio at the factory, which does not necessarily match the specific loudness increase of each hearing impaired person. The digital chip makes the compression ratio adjustable.

4.Multiple sets of programs to choose from. These settings ensure the use in a wide range of acoustic parameters. When hearing aid users are placed in quiet offices and noisy markets, different acoustic parameters are required to compensate for their hearing. Hearing aid users in the office may be required to hear every subtle conversation; in the market, he asks that the ambient noise should not be amplified when listening to every sentence. At this time, several specific programs and a switch that can be switched at any time are free to choose the best listening effect.

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